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J. Robert Moon (1949-2019)


Bob Moon was our firm’s co-founder, Chief Operations Officer, and managing partner before his passing in 2019. His impact on the lives of clients and staff alike was palpable, as so much of our firm’s philosophy was driven by his background in ministry. His belief in connecting with people and their lives, in understanding their hopes and dreams, and in helping them find ways to achieve those aspirations has been in evidence since our firm’s first day.

Bob often cited his time as a clergyperson in instilling an appreciation for how poor financial planning can unravel otherwise happy, healthy families—and how positive financial choices can provide peace of mind and more security. He worked in-depth with retirees, widows, and widowers alike to manage their estates and achieve financial well-being. He also spent a great deal of time working with nonprofits, charitable foundations, and philanthropic funding efforts, and developed a passion for helping open-hearted clients find rewarding avenues for their charitable endeavors.

A resident of Broad Run, Virginia, Bob and his wife enjoyed time with their children and grandsons. When not overseeing the operations of Heritage Financial, he could often be found working on a novel or reading the works of Southern writers.