You know what you want for your retirement. Now you want to know how to bring that retirement to life. You wonder how much money you will need to support your lifestyle, and you are concerned about whether your savings will last you throughout your retirement. You are trying to ensure a successful transition from career to golden years, but you have some anxiety about how to fund your living expenses, budget for travel, support your charities and community, and still provide for your children and grandchildren.

From RMDs to taxes to Social Security, you seek concrete recommendations from a professional so you can focus less on the dollars and cents of your retirement and more on the living of it.

Common Questions

  • Can we afford to retire at our ideal retirement age?

  • How much should we withdraw from our retirement accounts, and in what order?

  • How do we optimize our Social Security and Medicare options?

Your Partner in Achieving Your Retirement Vision

We work with pre-retirees and retirees to build a retirement based on their goals, values, and vision. When we work with you, we start with our LifeMap Discovery Process, which explores your situation now and in your ideal retirement. The goals and values we discover together become the foundation for your prioritized financial plan.

Our fiduciary RIA firm will work with you to:

  • Build a detailed cash flow plan addressing income, expenses, RMDs, and more

  • Optimize your Social Security benefits and choose the most appropriate Medicare plans

  • Provide guidance on retirement plan distributions and the potential tax impact

  • Manifest your long-held retirement dreams

  • Create an estate plan to take care of your heirs and support your charitable organizations

You will work with a wealth manager who has deep experience in helping preretirees and retirees enjoy their new life chapter. We help make sure you and your plan remain on track through regular meetings, and we encourage you to reach out in between meetings whenever you have a question or need.


We offer a complimentary introductory conversation to discuss your situation
and explore how we can help you.